Dec 12

No need to ask for donations from family, friends, neighbours & colleagues. With FundScrip, your supporters simply change their method of payment for the things they’re buying anyway. No need to ask people to buy things that they weren’t going to buy until they were guilted in to it. Your supporters buy things they’re buying anyway from the places they normally buy them.



1. Go to to register
2. You register by clicking on the Sign-Up button
3. In the Invitation Code box type in the H.E.A.T. group code – ‘U7QQNF
4. You will be invited to receive Promotional Emails, as well as, Fundscrip News Emails which will keep you aware of special promotions and offers.
5. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email to validate your email address.
6. When you click on the link in the confirmation email it will load your info and you can complete the registration.
7. Place your gift card order.
8. You have to choose your method of delivery in the ORDER SUMMARY
8.1. You can choose ‘Ship to Home’, 
or if you want to save on shipping charges,
8.2. You can choose ‘Hold for pick up at Wayne Brown / Cheryl Fernandez’.
We will pick up the cards and deliver them to you. Please enter one of our names as the ‘Person responsible for picking up your order from your Group Administrator’.
9. In the Order Summary you also choose your payment method, confirm your order and then check out.

Also, the recommended payment methods are EFT or ONLINE BANKING BILL PAYMENT because there are no fees associated with them.
The other methods, INTERAC and CREDIT CARD have fees which will reduce the amount of our fundraising rebates.

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